Wilson Music Wedding Ensembles

Below are examples of the various groups that I perform with at weddings and corporate events

Guitar and Cello

celloThe beautiful rich sound of cello and guitar is a perfect choice for any wedding ceremony. Cathy Anderson (cello) performs as a professional cellist with the Kitchener Symphony. Her playing is immaculate on the pieces below. I provide a harmonic background using my classical guitar.

speaker Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring    J.S. Bach

speaker Fields of Gold    Sting

speaker MacDougals Pride   Ashley MacIsaac


Guitar Duo

guitarThis track shows just how beautiful two guitars can sound together. My guitar was handcrafted in Argentina by Jose Yacopi. It has perhaps the most beautiful tone I have heard from a guitar. Mathew Glass is the other half of this duo. He is playing a steel string acoustic made in the USA by Breedlove. The combination of nylon and steel string guitars gives our recording of "Moon and Sand" a wonderful clarity and warmth.

speaker Moon and Sand     Alec Wilder


Piano and Bass

pianoHere is a fine example of how good an upright bass and piano can sound when recorded carefully. This track was recorded live at my home with no editing or adjustments to the sound except for a little reverb thrown in the final mix. My piano playing is enhanced by some tremendous playing by Mark Macintyre on bass.

speaker Freddie the Freeloader    by Miles Davis


Vocal Trio

bassThe song "Peel Me A Grape" features Brenda Lewis (vocal), Mark Macintyre (Bass), and myself playing the piano. Everyone was recorded live as it happened, no overdubs. Brenda Lewis is a wonderful local singer. She gives this piece the light and playful character that it deserves.


speaker Peel Me a Grape   David Frishberg


Vocal Quartet

drumThis ensemble features Tom McLelland playing congas, Mathew Glass playing a Cittern, Brenda Lewis singing and myself playing a Heritage Archtop Guitar. This is the perfect ensemble for corporate events or weddings where a non-intrusive quartet sound is necessary. Two guitars with vocals and percussion is also an interesting and tasteful sound without being overbearing.


speaker  Fascinating Rhythm    by George Gershwin