Wilson Music

Providing Music lessons and performances in Southern Ontario for over 25 years

Piano Lessons

Is there a more beautiful instrument than the piano? Ok, maybe I have a biased viewpoint. I have been teaching piano now for over 25 years and I never get tired of hearing my students play. Listen to one of my student CD's and you will understand why. All my students receive a firm grounding in music theory, note reading, and ear training. I offer students a diversity of musical styles to learn including jazz, blues, classical, and popular music. Students are also able to write RCM examinations if they so desire. I also like to venture past the written note by exploring concepts like chart reading and improvisation. As a jazz musician, I am constantly impressed by how even my youngest students can improvise over a jazz or blues chord progression.

Teaching Philosophy

How does that old saying go? "You can lead a horse to water, but...". We all know the rest. Music lessons can be like this. You cannot force someone to be a musician. If it happens, it is a blessing. If not then that's OK too (I have enough competition). Ultimately, my goal as a music teacher is to convince a student that music is fun and something you can do all your life even as an amature. Yes it is a large amount of work, but so is anything worth while. After over 25 years teaching music to people of all ages, I can honestly say that the overwhelming majority of my students actually love music. We explore the different styles and concepts together as a team with a unified goal. The days are gone when I would have to fight with students in order to get them to practice. Now they actually want to practice! This was not always the case. When I first started teaching, I honestly had no idea how to motivate children. I taught music in order to survive as a musician. Over the years, I developed ways to get students to practice without hounding them to do so. (Probably out of a need to keep my sanity). The payoff is an incredibly enjoyable workday where I listen to and discuss wonderful music. I can think of no better occupation.